6 Simple Ways to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

If you’re anything like most people I work with you’ll feel pretty frazzled and swamped by your workload a lot of the time. You probably also feel frustrated that you’re not able to give things 100% or do things to the best of your ability because you’re “too busy”. It’s hard to manage your time and your head-space.

As a result you can end up spending a ton of time working in the evenings and weekends in a desperate attempt to try and stay on top of everything and avoid feeling like ‘a complete failure’ at work. You gradually feel more and more overwhelmed and frustrated that you can’t spend time with your friends and family.

So here are 6 ways to help you deal with the feeling of ‘overwhelm’:

  1. Ask yourself: “What’s most important right now?”Write down absolutely everything you need to do to ‘release’ it from your headspace
  2. Break the the most important task (above) into into tiny bite-size chunks
  3. Take the 1st step – it doesn’t matter how tiny it seems, just do it and you’ll instantly feel better!
  4. Make the BIGGEST, most overwhelming thing your end of cycle target for your next coaching cycle
  5. Say “No, not now” to things which will pull you off-task (unless it’s an emergency!)
  6. Switch off your phone and emails – that way you can focus and work more efficiently to finish a task without interruptions (then reply to messages when convenient to you)


I hope that’s been useful.

If you know anyone who’s feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment, please feel free to share this article to help them.