Coaching Stops Head “Drowning” & Delivers Sustainable Results

It happens all the time… A successful senior leader gets asked to take on more work and support another school. They start enthusiastically and suddenly realise: a) There’s way more to do than they thought there was; and b) That there are some very difficult or tricky characters to work with! …And pretty soon they […]

7 Simple Ways to Cut Stress Through a ‘Coach Approach’

Provide Coaching for ALL Ensure everyone in your school can access high quality coaching. Encourage colleagues and pupils to have ‘thinking time’ at least once a week. (Some schools only do this once a term or once every half-term!) Research shows every minute spent thinking/planning saves around ten minutes in ‘doing’ or taking action. Therefore, […]

The Lazy Headteacher’s Way To Better Results (And A Far Easier Life!)

Do people constantly come to you for answers (even for trivial things)? If you’re anything like most people you’ll find that extremely frustrating, draining and time-consuming. Not only that, but it also puts you under huge pressure to provide ideas and answers to “fix” things for others. Unfortunately fixing things creates a ‘dependency culture’ and one of 2 things […]

Use the C.A.R. Approach EVERY Lesson!

I’m going to let you into a secret.  Do you know what frustrates the hell out of me when I observe lessons as part of our coaching programme? – A lack of consistency in applying the rules, sanctions and rewards! It’s just not fair, and it often leads to unnecessary stress, conflict and sanctions. Have you noticed that? […]

6 Simple Ways to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

If you’re anything like most people I work with you’ll feel pretty frazzled and swamped by your workload a lot of the time. You probably also feel frustrated that you’re not able to give things 100% or do things to the best of your ability because you’re “too busy”. It’s hard to manage your time and […]

A Simple Way To Improve Behaviour That Works For ‘Students on Report’

Do you have learners “on report” for being naughty in your school? You know the sort – the persistent offenders who call out, do ‘daft’ things & keep breaking the rules.  Then they tend to lose their temper or try to bargain with you when you go to write their negative behaviour on their report! “But Miss, it’s not fair. You […]