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This Course Helps Leaders, Teachers & Support Staff Learn How To Develop Others So They Can Stop Under-achievement, Boost Confidence And Enjoy More Time With Their Families.

Become a Certified Education Coach

Get Powerful Results in 15 Minutes Flat (…or Even Less!)​

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Want a guaranteed way to feel less under pressure and get faster improvement?

Discover the system CEOs and Headteachers have used to make dramatic improvements in as little as 15 minutes – And how you can do the same.

At the very core of all successful schools is the hunger to continuously improve and get the best possible outcomes for the children.

When you’re responsible for developing others this relentless drive for improvement can bring major problems with it – especially when you’re faced with hefty budget cuts, heavy workloads and the immense pressure to get good results.

Smart Headteachers know that, when executed properly, there’s no faster, easier or more cost-effective way to improve performance than high quality coaching.

If you’re here, you already know it’s an essential aspect of any sustainable school improvement strategy, but unlike other coaching systems, this coaching system is 100% relevant to schools AND built on evidence-based impact so it can:

* Become the highest ‘return on investment’ strategy in any school…

* Be applied to ALL aspects of school improvement for years to come

* Work so quickly that you can literally coach and see improvement within 15 minutes (or even less!)

In other words, coaching has an enormous positive impact on leadership, teaching and learning and stress levels, and it can do all this in just 15 minutes. So that’s why schools need coaches.

There’s just one problem: Most so-called “coaches” don’t know what they’re doing or are using old, ineffective models which are well past their sell-by date!


…When you’re a Certified Education Coach, you’ll be uniquely qualified to boost the confidence, resilience, mental health and wellbeing of staff and pupils – and improve their productivity and performance.

More specifically, this 4-Step course will show you the latest best practice so you can shortcut your success, work less hard and make more impact!

If you’re a leader, manager or mentor, this certification is a great way to master and hone your coaching skills. It’s also an effective way to accelerate their progress of people you line-manage and ensure that they’re consistently working as well as possible.

If you’re a teacher or member of support staff this certification is a tangible way to show that you are a Certified Education Coach, which leads to better teaching and learning, which could help you attract promotion opportunities.

If you’re a trainee or apprentice, this certificate can set you apart from other employees who merely have a teaching degree or PGCE, but not the specialised skills that schools today are desperately seeking. (Many of the MATS we work put ALL of their SCITT trainees through this programme because of the HUGE impact it makes on teaching and learning).

Whatever your role, this certificate can make you far more valuable to your school, and stop you feeling so under pressure, emotionally drained and exhausted!

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Most importantly, you’ll gain INVALUABLE skills which will change the way you think, work and troubleshoot for life!

What you'll get

When you enrol today, you'll receive instant access to:

education coach training certified course
  • Step-by-step fun & interactive training in the most efficient and effective way to coach in today’s schools
  • Resources, Quizzes &  Practical Tasks to integrate into your everyday role
  • On-demand videos (“The Netflix of Coaching”)
  • A complete Coaching Toolkit, Coaching Plan & Log Sheets
  • Unlimited support from the world’s best Coaching in Schools experts
  • A printable certificate on successful course completion
  • Status and recognition as a Certified Education Coach

~The ONLY Online Coach Training Built With Evidence-Based Impact for Busy People in Schools


“Best Coaching Programme” Award Finalist

What you'll learn in this course

When you become a Certified Education Coach you'll discover how to work less hard and make more impact in your everyday role​

Step 1 - Learn Everything You Need to Get Started

Step 2 – Develop Your Core Skills

education coaching training coach approach practitioner

Step 3 – Learn the “12 Step Model”

Step 4 – Begin Coaching! - PRACTICAL COACHING: COACHEE 1

Certified education coach

...And much more that will make a massive difference in your personal and professional life!

(PLUS when you've successfully passed this course you can progress to become a 'Certified Advanced Education Coach' or 'Accredited Education Coach' in the future if you'd like to)

Your Trainer

Annie Boate coaching in schools expert

Annie Boate - The World's Leading Coaching in Schools Expert

Annie Boate’s background includes school leadership, working with young offenders, and coaching top executives, outstanding Headteachers, and some of the most challenging learners.

She has over 20 years experience of coaching in education and has trained thousands of school staff around the world to coach using her unique ‘12-Step Model.’ This model produces phenomenal results in just 15 minutes, and is proven to radically out-perform the older, less-effective coaching models that other people will teach you (like GROW, STRIDE, MAGIC, OUTCOMES & OSCAR).

Impact is tangible, verified by Ofsted/School Data – and 100% guaranteed!

Annie’s key achievements to date include:

  • Work showcased on TV & media
  • Finalist for prestigious national award for Best Coaching Programme
  • Creator of a powerful 360 School Improvement diagnostic tool
  • Changing the lives of 1000s of staff and pupils in schools worldwide
  • Number 1 Best-Selling Author with her first book about coaching: ‘A Coaching Revolution’

Annie’s online training courses are practical, relevant and fun! Her work is frequently described by Headteachers, Teachers & Support Staff as ‘inspirational’, ‘life-changing’ and ‘transformational’.


Course Details

  • You need to be employed by a school in a leadership, teaching or support role
  • No pre-knowledge is required – enthusiasm is all you need!
  • Internet-enabled device (eg mobile, tablet, laptop or PC)
  • Internet Access
  • Access to a printer
"Initially I thought maybe I'd have preferred face-to-face given a choice, but what's been fantastic is you get all of the information that you need...and to then practise with a colleague has been fantastic!"
Anna Martin
ITT & NQT Co-ordinator
"It's changed the way I think about things, and how I work and troubleshoot. It completely transformed meetings - it cut them in half at least. The questioning radically improved student responses."
Phil Douse
Assistant Headteacher
"I'd really recommend it because as a governor you're always asking questions, so if you can ask those in an effective way and listen properly to the answers you get I think that'll make you a better governor."
Rosemary Lovatt
Chair of Governors & NLG
Certified education coach