coach approach in education training course

Adopting 'The Coach Approach'
in Education

This Training Helps All School Staff Learn How To Take 'The Coach Approach' So They Can Reduce Stress And Enjoy More Productive Working Relationships, Leading To Better Teaching, Learning & Results.

NOTE: 'The Coach Approach' course does NOT train you how to coach
- it shows you how to take a 'Coach Approach'.

(Use The Coach Approach Strategies EVERY day to Work Smarter - NO Extra Time Needed!)

This "must-do" course is for EVERYONE working in schools, especially if...

coach approach education coaching for headteacher impacts wellbeing, leadership, vision, teaching, learning & school improvement

FACT: Schools Need Everyone Taking 'The Coach Approach' to Get Better Outcomes - And Sustain Them!

Every day, more and more people in schools are suffering with stress

According to recent research, stress and mental health issues are increasing for both staff and young people in today’s schools…

With hefty budget cuts, nearly all school staff are reporting heavier workloads. Some feel like they’re ‘drowning’. Others are constantly battling to engage pupils in lessons.

What’s more, they’re under pressure to perform well in inspections and keep up with the relentless demands of the job.

And it’s on track to get worse over the next few years.

The writing on the wall is clear: if you work in a school you NEED to know how to take ‘The Coach Approach’ to work 100% effectively and stop yourself going under…

…even if you feel ‘ok’ at the moment!

That’s why we created ‘The Coach Approach’ training for ALL teaching staff, support staff and governors.

This course will teach you absolutely everything you need to take The Coach Approach so you can get even better outcomes, sustain them – and, most importantly, feel a lot happier!

When you’ve completed the training, you’ll know how to stop taking on other people’s problems, how to ask powerful questions which dramatically accelerate progress, how to make people feel more valued and understood – and much more besides!

In a nutshell, you’ll have a solid foundation to build on if you decide to train as a coach with us in the future. 

And you’ll be able to start building a ‘coaching culture’ across your school.

education coaching online training introduction

At last you'll have a step-by-step process & all the tools you need to make your job (and your life) a LOT easier!

What you'll get

When you enrol today, you'll receive instant access to:

coach approach in education training course
  • Step-by-step fun & interactive training in how to take ‘The Coach Approach’
  • Resources, Quizzes &  Practical Tasks to integrate into your everyday role
  • On-demand videos (“The Netflix of Coaching”)
  • Unlimited support from the world’s best Coaching in Schools expert

~The ONLY Online Coach Training Built With Evidence-Based Impact for Busy People in Schools

What you'll learn in this course...

Become proficient in 'The Coach Approach' and learn how to INSTANTLY get better outcomes in your everyday role, leading to promotion opportunities (and more time with your family!)

Step 1 - Learn Everything You Need to Get Started

Step 2 – Develop Your Core Skills

coach approach in education training course

...And much more that will help you in both your personal and professional life!

(PLUS when you've successfully completed this foundation training you can go on to train as a 'Coach' with us, and become a 'Certified Education Coach' or 'Certified Advanced Education Coach' in the future).

Your Trainer

Annie Boate coaching in schools expert

Annie Boate - The World's Leading Coaching in Schools Expert

Annie Boate’s background includes school leadership, working with young offenders, and coaching top executives, outstanding Headteachers, and some of the most challenging learners.

She has over 20 years experience of coaching in education and has trained thousands of school staff around the world to coach using her unique ‘12-Step Model.’ This model produces phenomenal results in just 15 minutes, and is proven to radically out-perform the older, less-effective coaching models that other people will teach you (like GROW, STRIDE, MAGIC, OUTCOMES & OSCAR).

Impact is tangible, verified by Ofsted/School Data – and 100% guaranteed!

Annie’s key achievements to date include:

  • Work showcased on TV & media
  • Finalist for prestigious national award for Best Coaching Programme
  • Creator of a powerful 360 School Improvement diagnostic tool
  • Changing the lives of 1000s of staff and pupils in schools worldwide
  • Number 1 Best-Selling Author with her first book about coaching: ‘A Coaching Revolution’

Annie’s online training courses are practical, relevant and fun! Her work is frequently described by Headteachers, Teachers & Support Staff as ‘inspirational’, ‘life-changing’ and ‘transformational’.


Course Details

  • You need to be employed by a school (in any role) or a School Governor
  • No pre-knowledge is required – enthusiasm is all you need!
  • Internet-enabled device (eg mobile, tablet, laptop or PC)
  • Internet Access
  • Access to a printer
"Initially I thought maybe I'd have preferred face-to-face given a choice, but what's been fantastic is you get all of the information that you need...and to then practise with a colleague has been fantastic!"
Anna Martin
ITT & NQT Co-ordinator
"It's changed the way I think about things, and how I work and troubleshoot. It completely transformed meetings - it cut them in half at least. The questioning radically improved student responses."
Phil Douse
Assistant Headteacher
"I'd really recommend it because as a governor you're always asking questions, so if you can ask those in an effective way and listen properly to the answers you get I think that'll make you a better governor."
Rosemary Lovatt
Chair of Governors & NLG
coach approach in education training course