7 Steps to Becoming an Outstanding Coach in Your School – FAST!

Course Overview

Who is it for?

This practical “step-by-step” course is NOT for everyone!  It’s specifically designed for time-strapped Teachers, School Leaders & Support Staff who want to work less hard & have more impact.

If you’re looking for a powerful, fast & efficient way to improve teaching, progress & results on a tight budget, you’ll want to keep reading.  (If not, click away now!)

You can work through this interactive course at your own pace (with no travel costs or cover headaches!) and you can either “blitz it” in a few days or pace yourself over a year – it’s entirely up to you!


This course is definitely for you if you are:

1) Responsible for developing others (colleagues or learners)

2) Receptive & open to try new things (growth mind-set & keen to develop yourself)

3) Ready, willing and able to commit to successfully completing this course, which means:

* Integrating the skills into your daily role (so that it’s not ‘extra’ work for you)

* Setting aside time to complete this online training (approx 23 hours)

* Coaching at least 2 people in your school for 6 x sessions (approx 2 hours per coachee) – You can coach school leaders, teachers, learning support staff, people you line manage or pupils.

You can either work on your own or complete the course with a group of like-minded colleagues subject to your application being successful.  Plus, if you’re interested in doing an MA, you can also gain University Accreditation of 30 Masters Credits when you become a VIP Member & achieve the required standard to complete a module with Edge Hill.

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Who is it NOT for?

This course is NOT for everyone!  Please do not apply if:

1) You’re set in your ways, a bit of a “know-it-all” or not prepared to develop your practice

2) You feel that you’re not willing or able to allocate 23 hours to completing it within the next year

3) You’re not prepared to join in! (Unlike some training, you’ll find this course is practical & interactive so we need you to actively take part!)

4) You’re not currently employed by a school in a School Leadership, Teaching or Non-Teaching role (eg self-employed consultants and coaches are not eligible)

5) You want to share or copy our resources or use them to train others – this course is designed to train you to coach; it does NOT equip you with the necessary expertise to train other people, so if you’d like to train your colleagues you can:

a) Register them for this training (and benefit from a ‘bulk discount’); or

b) Book them on our Intensive Masterclass – click here for details!; or

c) Complete the VIP version of this course & if you meet the criteria we’ll invite you to complete the Accredited Trainer training – this means you can train other people under licence & generate income for your school.

* To preserve the quality and integrity of our work all of our materials and models are registered with the UK Copyright Service to protect our Intellectual Property and are strictly and exclusively for use by those individuals that are registered with us. All rights are reserved.  This means you can use them to coach others but you may not reproduce, adapt/change, publish, sell, distribute or communicate any of these materials, or pass off this work as your own.  It’s not legal . . . and it’s not nice. Action will be taken against any individuals and/or organisations that infringe copyright. 


Right now you might feel this is for you…

…Fast-forward 12 months and you can imagine the improvements you could have made to the quality of your school’s teaching, leadership and results.  Imagine how many of your colleagues & pupils you could have helped, and how much time, money & stress this could save you in exclusions, capability cases and recruitment costs.

Just think – if you DON’T do this now, what could the impact be on your time & budget?

So, if you’re really serious about coaching and this feels right for you, we’d love you to join Pro or VIP, so please do apply now! …When you fill in the form & apply you will become an outstanding coach in your school – FAST!  

You don’t have to start now. You can put your name down now and then start in a few months time.

**No excuses!**  If you want to do it you’ll find a way to make it happen, and we can even help you to find ‘funding pots’ if you’re struggling – just ask!

We don’t accept everybody onto this course.  It has to be right for you.  If you have any doubts, give us a ring on 01636 351 352 and we can talk about it and see if it’s right for you and your school.  We aren’t pushy, we won’t try to sell it to you, and if we don’t think it is right for you we will say so and we won’t accept your application.



This is NOT committing you to anything. You have to apply for it & be accepted, so you can relax.



Module Content

Step 1 – Learn Everything You Need to Get Started

In this module we reveal SECRET #1: What 3 crucial things you need to know to coach effectively.

You’ll also discover:

  • What theory you need to start coaching (don’t waste your time with the unnecessary stuff!)
  • What coaching REALLY is (it’s not what 90% of schools are doing!)
  • How to become a highly effective Learning & Teaching Coach (You’ll be totally shocked!)
  • Why coaching – if done properly – means that mentoring is a total waste of your time
  • How you can get better results with less effort – FAST!


Step 2 – Develop Your Core Skills

In this module you’ll discover SECRET #2: What 3 Things You Must be Absolutely Outstanding at to Coach Effectively!

By the end of this module you will know:

  • What skills are required to coach your colleagues & pupils to “outstanding” & beyond
  • What kind of experience “qualifies” you to coach your colleagues
  • What 3 Magic Words you MUST use if you don’t want to “turn off” your coachee
  • What 5 crucial ingredients make up a powerful question
  • How to stay clear of the 7 types of questions that will instantly kill your coaching and waste your time (You’re probably using at least 2 of these right now!) – Prepare to be amazed at how hard & unnatural this is!
  • The 6 things to listen for + 3 responses that will increase your rapport, gain you instant credibility and accelerate your coachee’s progress


Step 3 – Learn the “12 Step Model”

This module reveals Secret #3: The “magic formula” proven to consistently out-perform ALL others & produce the best possible results

You will learn:

  • What 12 Steps you’ll need to work through correctly (& in the right order) for Maximum Impact
  • What common mistakes 95% of coaches make which means that their coachees make little (if any) progress
  • How to produce powerful results in 15 minutes or less so that you’re not wasting time in your coaching
  • How to create a “quick win” that motivates the coachee, creates a snowball effect & gets them RAVING about your coaching to all their friends!
  • How to eliminate excuses (or “reasons”) for NOT taking action!


Step 4 – Begin Coaching! (Your Toolkit Will Make This REALLY Easy!)

During this module you’ll discover SECRET #4: What You Must Do During The Coaching Cycle To Work Efficiently & AVOID FAILURE

By the end of this module you’ll have your “Toolkit” (often referred to as the “Coaching Bible”!), and you’ll know:

  • What 5 Steps you MUST take in ‘contracting’ to get your coaching off to a FLYING START!
  • How to help your coachee to identify a focus area & set an end of cycle target
  • The 3 critical things to record on the individual coaching plan BEFORE you begin coaching
  • How to log your coaching sessions quickly & easily
  • What 5 things you need to log


You’ll also have begun coaching and assessed your skills so that you can make your coaching even better.


Step 5 – Turbo-Charge Your Coaching

This module reveals SECRET #5: The 7 Secrets that will make your coaching even more powerful & speed up your coachee’s progress

You will learn:

  • How to make your coaching feel more ‘fluid’ and ‘natural’
  • How to get past any ‘defensiveness’ or ‘resistance’ quickly and easily
  • What 7 Secrets will BOOST your coachee’s motivation & help them to make even better progress
  • How you can personalise your toolkit even more and blend these advanced skills into your coaching
  • How to make your coachee face up to important facts and stop procrastinating!


Step 6 – Implement Your NEW Advanced Coaching Skills

In this module we’ll discover SECRET #6: How your coaching has impacted teaching, learning or leadership!

You’ll find out:

  • How much your coaching has improved
  • What you’re doing particularly well
  • What you need to do next to take your coaching to the next level
  • What difference your coaching has made to a colleague or learner
  • How to claim your Masters Credits (VIP Members ONLY)

Exceptional candidates may also be offered the opportunity to become an Accredited Trainer.


Step 7 – Create & Launch Your High Impact Coaching Programme

This module will reveal SECRET #7: How To INSTANTLY GET 100% IMPACT from Your Programme!

  • What 12 questions you’ll need to answer to design a Programme that will get your colleagues buzzing AND achieve outstanding results!
  • How to make time for coaching when staff are stretched
  • How to you show the improvement & impact of coaching so that people see the value of it
  • How to minimise apathy
  • How you can sustain the coaching initiative & stop it fizzling out (which is what happens in most schools!)

We’ll also share “insider secrets” from some of the most successful launches so that you can ‘magpie’ ideas for your own successful launch!……….Shhhh!!!


Do you like the sound of this?

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