The Lazy Headteacher’s Way To Better Results (And A Far Easier Life!)

Do people constantly come to you for answers (even for trivial things)?

If you’re anything like most people you’ll find that extremely frustrating, draining and time-consuming.

Not only that, but it also puts you under huge pressure to provide ideas and answers to “fix” things for others.

Unfortunately fixing things creates a ‘dependency culture’ and one of 2 things tends to happen:

  1. The idea gets ‘lost in translation’ or isn’t their ‘natural’ style so it doesn’t work!
  2. It works perfectly.

As I’m sure you’ll know, whichever outcome you get, it’s highly likely that the same person will keep coming back to you for more ideas!

This powerful coaching strategy means you can become a ‘Lazy Leader’

– it will help you get better results with less effort, save time, and make your life SO much easier in the process!


So, being ‘lazy’ (in a good way) is what this week’s tip is all about.

When you watch the interview you’ll learn how a forward-thinking Headteacher & NLE applied it to:
a) Empower her staff to solve their own problems

b) Improve her school’s outcomes

c) Enable another Headteacher to virtually double her school’s results in just 1 year!

…Hat’s off to her!


Watch the video here:


Remember – the more you take care of things for other people, the more dependent they’ll become. The bottom line is that this means you’ll have less time to do your own work!

So the question is… What could you do today to be more of a ‘lazy leader’?

Let me know, then do it and notice what difference this makes to you.