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7 Steps to Becoming an Outstanding Coach
in Your School - FAST!

The ONLY Online Coach Training Built With Evidence-Based Impact for Busy People in Schools

This Interactive Accredited Online Coach Training Turns Time-Strapped School Leaders, Teachers & Support Staff into Outstanding Coaches so they can
Coach Colleagues & Learners in 15 minutes flat (or even less) and get the BEST POSSIBLE RESULTS – Guaranteed!

You can work through this practical course “step-by-step” at your own pace and either “blitz it” in a few days or pace yourself over a year.


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This “Online Coach Training” course is for you if…

1) You’re a Headteacher or Senior Leader who wants a fast, efficient and cost-effective way to improve Teaching & Learning, Leadership or Results

* A place on a 1 day course will cost you between £299-£499 + Travel + Cover costs & you’ll only get around 4-5 hours of content (and hopefully a nice lunch!) — Fees for a place on this course are just £598 all in for over 5 times the amount of content (approximately 23 hours)

* You probably already know that research shows you’ll forget 50-80% of what you’ve learnt within 24 hours, and after 30 days you’ll only remember 2-3%. — That’s why when you sign up for this course we’ll give you 1 year’s membership. This means you can ‘dip back in’ for a ‘refresher’ whenever you want so that you can remind yourself of anything you’ve forgotten.   (You can then continue to access the latest resources and enjoy phone/email support from an expert for a nominal fee forever if you’d like to!)

* You can save your school a fortune by reducing sickness, absence and the number of staff leaving (Did you know that the average cost of replacing a single member of staff is over £30,000 and it takes about 8 months for a new employee to reach their optimum productivity level?) 

* Less work-related stress and more confidence & effectiveness in roles (eg leadership, teaching & managing behaviour)

* Lower truancy rates, improved engagement & better behaviour for learning (you’ll get a lot less conflict & confrontation!) 

* When your teachers learn our unique ‘questioning’ strategy you’ll find that your pupils make better progress, ‘recall’ improves in exams and therefore your results go up!

* Schools using this system have gone from ‘Special Measures’ & ‘Requires Improvement’ to ‘Good’ and ‘Good’ to ‘Outstanding’ (Ofsted Inspection Rating)

* Staff have been coached from ‘3s’ & ‘4s’ to ‘2s’ & ‘1s’ in 6 weeks or less! (Ofsted Verified)

* All 3 ‘failing’ & ‘struggling’ schools supported by a ‘National Support School’ who used our coaching training increased their GCSE Results, going from 37% to 60%; from 40% to 55% and from “20-odd up to 55%

* Combined reading, writing & maths from 37% to 64% in 1 Year

* Increase in ‘value added’ scores

* Better progress and attainment (eg English grades boosted from a ‘D’ to an ‘A’, Maths GCSE grade boosted from a ‘D’ to a ‘B’, Spanish grades improved from a ‘U’ to a ‘B’, Science coursework grades went from D+E to B+A*, SATS level increased from 4a to 6b, under-achieving pupils doubled their rate of progress to achieved their age-related targets (or above) and end of year targets)

2) You’re responsible for developing staff or pupils and you’d like to know how you can work less hard & make more impact

Most courses teach you really old, low impact coaching models like GROW & STRIDE which lack impact because they miss out critical steps or get them in the wrong order — When you sign up for this course we’ll teach you the NEW, clever way to coach using our 12-Step Model which is proven to consistently out-perform ALL other models and give you the best possible results

3) You’re a busy School Leader, Teacher or member of Support Staff who’s been asked to coach your colleagues & pupils. You feel ‘snowed under’ and you’d LOVE to have a more efficient system which saves you time & gets you better results

* The old traditional ‘coaching models’ take 30-60 minutes — When you learn our 12-Step Model you’ll be able to get better results in just 15 minutes (or even less!) and you’ll have an entire vehicle for school improvement which has no sell-by date

4) You want a course which is 100% relevant to you, your role and today’s schools (not ‘old’ thinking)

* You’ll find most coaching courses cater for all sectors or are led by ‘good presenters’ rather than ‘genuine experts’. Our training is designed and delivered by Annie Boate, who is known as “The World’s Leading Coaching in Schools Expert”, so it shows you EXACTLY what works best in today’s schools – with no fluff or waffle!  This means it’s 100% relevant for you and you’ll be able to lead far more powerful sessions which will help your colleagues and pupils to to work better, feel better & perform better. You’ll also notice them becoming more confident, motivated & happy along the way!

5) You want to achieve REAL change & LASTING impact

* Things rarely change following courses as ‘good intentions’ are rarely turned into ‘action’. — This course gives you a HUGE return on your investment because you’ll be applying the skills in your everyday role so it will change the way you think, work and troubleshoot forever!

6) You want a flexible way to learn at your own pace which you can easily fit in around your job or family commitments (whenever you want!)

* A one day course forces you to attend on a specific day and time — This course means you can learn on ANY DAY at ANY TIME and in ANY PLACE that’s convenient to you, so you can easily fit this in around your everyday work and life.

* A one day course forces you to work at a ‘general’ pace, which may be “too slow” or “too fast” for you. Research shows people tend to lose concentration after about 15-20 minutes, so when you sign up for this course you can learn whenever you want in “bite-size” chunks which range from about 10 seconds to 14 minutes 44 seconds. It’s flexible so you’ll be learning step-by-step at your own speed – you can work for a few minutes or few hours and either “blitz it” in a few weeks or pace yourself over a year – it’s entirely up to you!

7) You want to avoid the usual ‘cover’ or ‘travel’ headaches, and perhaps you’ve thought to yourself “I’d love to go on that course but I really can’t afford the time out of school.” 

* A one day course costs your school extra money in cover costs & means that you have to spend hours setting cover work (and then sometimes return to chaos!) — When you learn online you can avoid this by doing your training in your non-contact or PPA time, or even as an ‘evening class’ if you prefer?!

 * As well as substantial expense, travelling to a one day course is often time-consuming and stressful, especially if you have to find a new venue or deal with things like trains running late or traffic jams!  — You can avoid all of that hassle when you learn online from the comfort of your classroom, office or home.


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Top Experts

Annie Boate

Founder & Coaching in Schools Expert

Former teacher & school leader Annie learnt ‘corporate coaching’ from the best in the business. She then developed this powerful coaching system for busy people in the education sector – which is proven to dramatically improve teaching, progress & results. (Ofsted verified)

VIP Coach Team

1:1 Help & Support

Our highly experienced VIP Coaches are on standby to help and support you every step of the way. As a PRO member you’ll be supported via email. And if you opt for VIP Membership your coach will also work 1:1 with you via phone, skype or face-to-face meetings.

Claire Young

Entrepreneur, BBC1 Apprentice Finalist, School Governor

Claire is founder of School Speakers, the UK’s No1 agency providing quality motivational speakers for schools, colleges and universities. This is a valuable resource for your coaching as School Speakers will help you to enthuse, motivate and inform your staff and learners.


”Not only has it provided a new range of skills for the staff involved...It has had a measurable impact on lesson grades and the quality of teaching & learning”

Russ Barr

Assistant Director

Schools and Learning, Derbyshire County Council

”I have seen the percentage of good teaching in school rise from 17% when I started to 43% after 7 weeks”

Sally Simpson


Parkland Infant School

”The coaching programme has made me a more confident and effective leader”

Peter Renardson

Vice Principal

Darton College