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Our courses are unique because they’re developed by expert coaches with successful backgrounds in education. We actually do this stuff…as a profession…every day – so we can help you whenever you need it.

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The ONLY Online Coach Training Built With Evidence-Based Impact
for Busy People in Schools

We help Headteachers to Make School Improvement Faster, Easier & Sustainable

Our practical online coaching training courses help school staff at ALL levels learn how to use coaching strategies effectively so they can reduce stress, work more effectively and improve the quality of leadership, teaching and learning.

At the higher levels you’ll be able to coach colleagues & learners in 15 minutes flat (or even less) and get the BEST POSSIBLE RESULTS – Guaranteed!

You can work through this interactive coaching training “step-by-step” at your own pace and either “blitz it” in a few months or pace yourself over up to a year.





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You’ll get TANGIBLE IMPACT when you learn and use this coaching system.

It’s been independently tested and proven to out-perform ALL other coaching models in schools worldwide.

Examples of Impact from the UNIQUE ‘Coaching in Schools’ system include…

Reducing sickness, absence and the number of staff leaving. (Did you know that the average cost of replacing a single member of staff is over £30,000 and it takes about 8 months for a new employee to reach their optimum productivity level?) 

More confidence and effectiveness in leadership, teaching and managing behaviour

Lower stress levels and improved mental health and well-being for staff and students (stopping them feeling like they were drowning or cracking under pressure)

Improved engagement and better behaviour for learning (with a lot less conflict and confrontation!)

Lower truancy rates, improved attendance and punctuality

Pupils giving more in-depth answers, recalling information more easily in exams, and results going up

Getting out of ‘Special Measures’ and going from ‘Inadequate’ and ‘Requires Improvement’ to ‘Good’ and ‘Outstanding’ (Ofsted Inspection Ratings)

Staff have been coached from 3s and 4s to 2s and 1s in six weeks or less! (Ofsted Verified)

All three schools supported by a ‘National Support School’ (using our model) increased their GCSE Results, going from 37% to 60%; from 40% to 55% and from ‘20-odd’ up to 55%

Combined reading, writing and maths at Whitefield Primary School went from 37% to 64% in one Year and their Ofsted judgement went from ‘Requires Improvement’ to ‘Good’

A seven year old girl coached by Headteacher Sue Dorban improved her reading by two book band levels within six weeks

A reception class at Warden Hill Infant School went from just 13.79% to 72.41% of children writing through choice, and also improved their technical writing skills as a result of their teacher being coached for just six 15 minute sessions

The reading age for a Year 7 boy coached by Sue Yates (Learning Resource Centre Manager) increased by 1 year and 7 months in six weeks

64% of C/D borderline students at St Bernard’s Catholic High School who were coached achieved C grades in their Science GCSE compared with just 33.33% of students who were mentored

Increase in ‘value added’ and ‘Progress 8’ scores

Better progress and attainment (e.g. English grades boosted from a ‘D’ to an ‘A’, Maths GCSE grade boosted from a ‘D’ to a ‘B’, a pupil who was refusing to put pen to paper was coached from a U to a B grade, Science coursework grades went from Ds and Es to Bs and A*s, a pupil’s SATS level increased from 4a to 6b, and thirteen Year 5 under-achieving pupils doubled their rate of progress to achieve their age-related targets (or above) and their end of year targets)


“This online training is totally different to the ‘watching paint dry’ varieties!

– It’s Practical, Interactive, Engaging & FUN!”





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“It’s the impact on their personal lives as well.”


I’ll never forget one end of course coaching presentation where the trainee put up a PowerPoint slide which showed a photo of a young woman who was dressed up to go out, complete with a bottle of wine in her hand. With tears in her eyes this coach said: “This picture won’t mean much to any of you, but it means the world to me. This is my daughter, and before coaching, she was in a serious depression. She couldn’t even get out of bed in the morning and wouldn’t go out anywhere. I was desperately worried about her, and I didn’t know how to help her. Other things hadn’t worked, so I tried coaching on her. She’s now able to get out of bed, and this photo shows her going out for the evening for the first time.”


Another trainee coach told of how she’d used coaching to help a friend in the Muslim community to escape dreadful domestic violence which she’d been suffering for years.


And Year 11 student, Danielle John, told me that coaching had stopped her from cracking under exam pressure and having a mental breakdown.

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Want to learn more?
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Top Experts

Annie Boate

Coaching in Schools Expert & No.1 Best-Selling Author

Annie’s coaching system for busy people in schools is proven to dramatically improve teaching, progress & results. (Ofsted verified)

VIP Coach Team

1:1 Help & Support

Our highly experienced VIP Coaches are on standby to help and support you every step of the way.

Claire Young

BBC “Apprentice” Finalist, School Governor

Claire is founder of School Speakers, a valuable resource for your coaching as they’ll help you enthuse, motivate and inform staff & learners.


”Not only has it provided a new range of skills for the staff involved...It has had a measurable impact on lesson grades and the quality of teaching & learning”

Russ Barr

Assistant Director

Schools and Learning, Derbyshire County Council

”I have seen the percentage of good teaching in school rise from 17% when I started to 43% after 7 weeks”

Sally Simpson


Parkland Infant School

”The coaching programme has made me a more confident and effective leader”

Peter Renardson

Vice Principal

Darton College