How will my school benefit? (What should I say to the Head, CEO or Governors?)

1) IT’S FAR BETTER VALUE THAN A ‘NPQ’ (or 1-day Course) —
* Most 1 day courses cost at least £500+ by the time you add travel + cover. They’re rarely 100% relevant…and you either don’t implement everything (or you forget most of it within a few weeks!) This coaching training is 100% relevant and you’ll implement everything as you go – with no time out of school or cover costs!

* A place on a NPQ course costs you between £850-£4200 + Travel + Cover costs and you’ll only get skills to help you in your job. Our course fees range from £347-£1997 (all in) for skills which will change the way you work, think & troubleshoot FOREVER, so it’s far better value for you.

…And your investment will easily repay itself in impact within the next year.

2) IT’S GOT NO ‘SELL-BY’ DATE — Unlike the ‘old, traditional’ coaching models that others will teach you (like GROW, TGROW, OUTCOMES, COACH, OSKAR, STRIDE and CEDAR etc), this new, clever coaching system is NOT a ‘fad’ – and it has no sell-by date! When you’ve learnt this evidence-based coaching system you’ll have a better way of working AND skills for LIFE. You’ll also be able to make far more impact, far more quickly! (15 mins – or even less!)

3) IT WILL DRIVE *ALL* ASPECTS OF SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT! — You’ll be able to apply these coaching skills in improving leadership and management, teaching and learning, pupil progress, behaviour…the list is endless. You’ll be coaching colleagues on what’s relevant to them and your School Improvement Priorities, so they’ll work more effectively and meet their targets. (And you’ll notice them becoming far more confident, motivated, empowered…and a whole lot happier along the way as they accomplish seemingly insurmountable goals!) Your coaching skills can also impact positively on life beyond school, making a huge contribution to staff, pupil and parent wellbeing.

4) IT WILL IMPROVE TEACHING, LEARNING & LEADERSHIP — By coaching high potential people the quality of teaching, learning and leadership improves. For example, just by embedding our coach-style questioning strategy in the classroom you’ll see better progress, better ‘recall’ of information in exams, and therefore better results!

5) IT’LL SAVE YOU MONEY! — This strategy could help your school to:
(a) Reduce sickness, absence and the number of staff leaving. (Research shows the average cost of replacing a single member of staff is over £30,000 and it takes about 8 months for a new employee to reach their optimum productivity level)
(b) Stop wasting money on lots of different initiatives. (Smart Heads are using this strategy to drive all aspects of school improvement!)

If you have a daunting range of school improvement issues to deal with – but only enough CPD budget to invest in one thing – then invest in creating a coaching culture across your school. Adopting a ‘coaching approach’ will have a positive impact on every aspect of school improvement, and on every member of your school community.

…So the question isn’t “Can you afford to do this?”, it’s “Can you afford NOT to do this?”

What's the difference between the courses?

In a nutshell, higher level courses give you more knowledge and skills. [Please go to the “COURSES menu & click on the course titles to see exactly what’s included in each programme]
VIP Membership also gives you a few extras such as: a Dedicated Coach to work 1:1 with you, Priority Support via phone and email, Regular Support and Accountability Calls to keep you on track, bonus resources/training, exclusive discounts off our products and services, plus up to 2 x Practical Skills Assessments (for your Accreditation). You’ll also get with expert advice & personalised tips to make your coaching even better and help you maximise your impact. 

When does the course start and finish?

You can start as soon as your application is approved and you’ll have up to a year to complete it (or 6 months for smaller programmes like ‘The Coach Approach’ training).

Isn't online training boring?

No! This training flips ‘traditional’ online learning on its head. It’s interactive, fun and memorable! There’s no waffle and sessions are NOT padded out – I want you to get results so I’ll tell you only what you need to know to get them.

I know it works for others...but what if it doesn't work for me?!

As long as you work through the steps and implement everything correctly it WILL work for you – that’s 100% guaranteed! Not only will you get LIFE-CHANGING skills, you’ll also notice big changes in your personal and work life. And you’ll probably get a real buzz out of helping your coachees too!

What does the course include?

The courses are divided into modules. Each module contains units (or lessons) in bite-size chunks. The key concepts you’ll learn are detailed on course pages. The VIP course includes over 150 lessons and resources. These comprise a selection of over 50+ videos plus downloadable resources, quizzes, practical coaching challenges and tasks which are absolutely everything you need to become an outstanding coach in the education sector (apart from a couple of coachees to practice on during modules 4 & 6!)

How long is each video?

Because we tend to lose concentration after about 15-20 minutes all the videos are short! They range from around 30 seconds to just under 15 minutes. You’ll see the exact duration in square brackets [mm:ss] next to the unit title so that you know exactly how long it takes before you click into it…which is obviously very handy if you want to squeeze one in before a meeting!

How long does it take to complete the course?

This depends on the course. For example, it’s about 4 hours to complete ‘The Coach Approach’ and 25 hours to complete VIP. You’ll see the approximate length in the course details page (next to the clock icon). – You can work through it at your own speed and either “blitz it” in a few days or pace yourself over up to 1 year.  It really depends on how quickly you want to progress and how effective you want to be! We recommend that you diary a regular time slot for this training so that you embed your skills and learning effectively. It’s better to go an inch wide and a mile deep than a mile wide and an inch deep!

How long does a coaching session take?

The average session is around 15 minutes using our model.

How do I know which units I’ve completed?

Completed units are highlighted in green on your progress bar so that you can quickly see where you’re up to and what’s coming next.

Does the order matter?

Yes! — Courses are carefully designed to ensure that you develop the skills in the correct order to optimise your development. Once you’ve completed units you can jump around or dip back in to refresh yourself & deepen your knowledge

Will I get a certificate?

Yes – All trainees receive a certificate for completing the course for their CPD portfolio. If you’ve opted for a course with Accreditation you’ll be awarded your accredited status once you’ve passed your final assessment.

Is this course for everyone?

No! These practical step-by-step courses are designed specifically for School Leaders, Teachers & Support Staff (including governors) who want to take a coach approach or become outstanding coaches for their colleagues & learners. Not everyone will make a good coach – it’s not for people who are a bit of a ‘know-it-all’ or not willing to learn and try things differently. Nor is it for people who like to give advice, tell people what to do, take on people’s problems or force them to do it their way! If you’re positive, open minded, maybe a bit sceptical but prepared to give it a go – and most importantly if you genuinely like helping people – then yes it’s for you…so jump on board!

Who can I coach?

You can coach your colleagues or learners – it’s up to you. You can also coach people outside of school if you like as the skills and model are transferable – it’s just different goals!

Do I need anything else to get started?

No. The course contains absolutely everything that you need.

How do I get started?

Simply fill in the form on the right of this page to tell us you’d like to enrol. We’ll then contact you to check if you meet the criteria. When you’re approved you’ll be able to start working through your course!

What happens if I get stuck?

Ask for help! Click Support  and submit a request & a VIP Coach will respond within 48 hours. VIP members can also access phone support by calling their dedicated coach or telephoning our office.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major debit & credit cards via secure PayPal checkout for individuals. Schools/Organisations can request an invoice to pay by bank transfer or cheque.

Do you offer any refunds?

Yes – if you have not logged in you can cancel your order and request a refund within 7 days without giving any reason. After this (or if you have logged in) there are no refunds, so please request a free demo first if you’re not sure it’s for you!

Can I access this training if I'm an external coach or consultant or trainer?

No – as stated in the course details it’s exclusively for people who are directly employed by schools as a school leader, teacher or member of support staff. If you are not directly employed by a school and you have chosen to pay for your course online then your membership will be cancelled and you will not be entitled to any refund, regardless of whether or not you have logged in as this breaches our terms and conditions. We do not accept consultants or coach trainers (whether or not they are employed by schools) because this is a conflict of interest.

I’ve forgotten my password - How do I reset it?

Click “Sign In” & then click the “Lost your password?” link (under the log in box) & follow the instructions.

I can't log in! (The site says I'm not a member!)

Check you’re logging into the correct website! You’re not a member of the main (red) website; you’re a member of this (grey & orange) training website!

Can I extend my membership?

Yes – if you want to! You can renew from the course expiry date for a small annual fee. Just send us a message before your membership expires to take us up on this option.

Is it relevant in different countries?

Yes – whilst education systems may be different in different countries we’ve found that schools world-wide have similar challenges and targets that coaching can help you with. We do recommend English-speaking countries as that’s the language the course is written in.

Will the videos play on any device?

Yes. These are hosted on vimeo to keep the site running fast for you and ensure that they are optimised for all devices. If these will not play in your school, just ask your school IT/Network manager to “allow” access to on your school login

What happens if I don't pass my Accreditation Assessment?

If you don’t pass the first time you can have a 2nd attempt. You’ll be given detailed feedback, personalised tips and advice when you take your practical assessment, so you can work on these things for the remainder of the year until you’re ready for your next go!

Can I train other people to coach or share any resources with them?

No! …In a nutshell, our courses train you in coaching skills; they NOT to train you to train others! (We do have a separate course for that if you meet our criteria). All concepts and materials are provided for YOUR use in YOUR work. (You may NOT share, edit, reproduce, distribute these materials, or use them to train other people, so if you’d like more of your colleagues trained, please either register them for this training or book them onto a face-to-face programme). Please note: legal action is taken against anyone who breaches copyright – Not only is this illegal and immoral, but penalties can include fines of up to £50,000 plus up to 10 years imprisonment and being dismissed for ‘gross misconduct’, plus fines for commercial damage. THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING AND INTEGRITY.