[Step 2] – Develop Your Core Skills

In this training we reveal SECRET #2: What 3 Things You Must be Absolutely Outstanding at to Coach Effectively! By the end of this module you will know: • What skills are required to coach your colleagues & pupils to “outstanding” & beyond • What kind of experience “qualifies” you to coach your colleagues • […]

[Step 3] – Learn the 12-Step Model

This training reveals Secret #3: The “magic formula” proven to consistently out-perform others & produce the best possible results You will learn: • What 12 Steps you’ll need to work through correctly (& in the right order) for Maximum Impact • What common mistakes 95% of coaches make which means that their coachees make little […]

[Step 4] – Begin Coaching! – PRACTICAL COACHING: COACHEE 1

During this step we’ll reveal SECRET #4: What You Must Do During The Coaching Cycle To Work Efficiently & AVOID FAILURE. By the end of this module you’ll have your “Toolkit” (often referred to as the “Coaching Bible”!), and you’ll know: • What 5 Steps you MUST take in ‘contracting’ to get your coaching off […]

[Step 5] – Turbo-Charge Your Coaching (ADVANCED SKILLS)

This training reveals SECRET #5: The 7 Secrets that will make your coaching even more powerful & speed up your coachee’s progress. You will learn: • How to make your coaching feel more ‘fluid’ and ‘natural’ • How to get past any ‘defensiveness’ or ‘resistance’ quickly and easily • What 7 Secrets will BOOST your […]